Everything You Need To Know About Kayaking

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Everything You Need To Know About Kayaking

What Is Kayaking?

Essentially, kayaking is the activity of using the kayak in order to move across the body of water. Even though some
people believe that kayaking is the same as canoeing, there are in fact slight differences between the two. Kayaking is different from canoeing namely due to the sitting position of the paddler, as well is the number of blades on the paddle.

What Is A Kayak?
As it has been previously mentioned, a kayak is a boating vessel. In other words, it can be used for transportation on the body of water. A kayak is that much resembles a canoe, since it’s really down and close to the water. The paddler sits in the kayak facing forward, with his legs in front, and uses a double bladed paddle in order to move the vessel. 384745In other words, by a uses his own energy, and paddles the double bladed paddle in rotation on both sides in order to navigate the vessel. The majority of kayaks have in fact closed decks, where are you can put away your things. However, there are also inflatable kayaks which are as the name suggests inflatable, and therefore offer less comfort. Besides that, inflatable kayaks are as popular as regular kayaks.

The Who and The What?
When it comes to the history of kayaking, we can only say that kayaks have been around for a very, very long time. In fact, years ago Eskimos from northern Arctic regions, also referred to as the Inuit people, used kayaks for hunting and fishing. In fact, the very worried kayak means ‘hunter’s boat’. At the beginning, kayaks were made of driftwood, skeletons of whales and animal skin. The Inuit in particularly use seal skin to create the body of the kayak. Kayak also had incredible stealth capacities, and because of this it was extremely valued.kayak_sprint_doubles-2880x1800

More Recent History
As a sport, kayaking developed in the 20th century, mostly in Germany and France. However, the interest for the kayak has been growing from the mid-1800s. Finally, during the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936 kayaking has been introduced as an Olympic discipline. During the 1950s, fiberglass was used to develop kayaks, namely due to its durability. Fiberglass kayaks were commonly used up until 1980s, the time when polyethylene plastic kayaks appeared.

Types Of Kayaks It also should be mentioned that there are various types of kayaks. Depending on the position of the paddler, kayaks can be referred to as sit on top kayaks and cockpit style kayaks. Sit on top refers to a kayak that leaves the paddler in the open, with a shallow conclave which is just above the water level. On the other hand, the cockpit style refers to a kayaking style that involves sitting with both legs and hips inside the kayak. There are also tandems – kayaks which are devised for multiple paddlers. In tandem there can be up to 3 paddlers. Furthermore, there are also inflatable kayaks that are sealed around the waist of the paddler.

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